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About Laura

I'm Laura Porter, the founder of FAB Skincare. I began my career in the beauty industry back in 2009, specialising in luxury skincare treatments. Over the intervening time, I noticed many (if not most) skin care products promising much, but delivering disappointingly little.

This inspired the creation of my FAB Skincare range, which was launched in 2021. I've drawn on my extensive knowledge and experience to establish the FAB brand, ensuring it genuinely delivers.

Come and join me on this exciting journey towards achieving radiant and beautiful skin!

FIRST Launched

When we first launched in 2021 we had five well-researched and tested products:
  • Before You Cleanse,
  • Daily Cleanser,
  • Chemical Peel,
  • Spot Treatment,
  • SPF15 Moisturiser.
    Since then, we've listened to your feedback, and have added four further 'skin saviour' products, including a second cleanser for oily skin, a heavenly scented facial serum, and our award-winning collagen mask. Plus, our first ‘body’ product, to create a streak-free, sun-kissed tan.
  • Our generous bottle sizes are highly unusual in the luxury beauty industry. Opting for 100ml over 50ml didn't significantly raise production costs, so we chose to offer you more of your favourite products without increasing the price.

    COMING SOON! - 2024 is set to be exciting, with the introduction of our own LED Light Mask and three more luxurious products. Sign up now (by providing your email address in the footer) to be the first to hear news of the upcoming launch!


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    Laura Porter, is renowned for her philanthropic efforts, dedicating her time to fundraising and providing complimentary services to those in need. In 2021, Laura endured a traumatic experience due to baby loss. Following this, she established a highly successful charity service aimed at assisting both men and women facing difficulties with conception or experiencing trauma related to baby loss.

    Laura supports Lets Talk FAB by donating products to aid in fundraising, and by contributing to major events she organises to gather funds. For more information about Lets Talk FAB, please click here...


    Each product in our FAB range is crafted with care and precision, embodying the essence of the FAB brand. We have an incredible team right here in Glasgow, dedicated to ensuring every item meets our high standards; packing each product with maximum active ingredients for guaranteed results.

    Our team of chemists and product specialists, have spent time creating these products with our clients in mind to make them positively perfect. No cut corners, just tried and tested, fab products born out of our mission to turn dull into delightful. What’s more, they are vegan friendly and gluton-free, paraben-free, and cruelty-free.

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