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Laura Porter’s fabulous skincare line is dedicated to transforming daily skincare into an extraordinary experience. Inspired by the revitalising sensation of a spa visit, these products are designed to make you feel incredible every single day. The philosophy behind FAB Story is simple: skincare shouldn't be a challenge. Each product is crafted to deliver on its promises, ensuring an effortless and fulfilling skincare routine.

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FAB System Explained

We understand that your time is precious, and navigating the multitude of skincare products available can be overwhelming. That's why we've developed a user-friendly system to make fabulous skin easy. With just a glance, each bottle shows you exactly when and how to use them. With our simplified system, you can easily build the perfect skincare routine that works harmoniously, guiding you on the path to beautiful skin!

order To Use products in?

Our products come in two colour-coded packages: black for daily use, both morning and night, and white for use a few times a week or as needed. Each item is numbered, guiding you in the sequence of application. As you expand your collection, follow the numbers, to build an organised blend of black and white products, clearly indicating when to use each, and in what order.

How Much product to use?

Each bottle features a circle indicating the recommended amount of product, a unique and practical guide. FAB Skincare's formulas are so rich in beneficial ingredients that a little goes a long way. Treat your skin as gently as a plant; overwatering harms it, as does overloading your skin with products.

Using Other Products

The colour on the bottles —rose gold and green—have their own stories. Rose gold represents luxury, hydration, and compatibility with other brands for seamless layering. The green indicates a higher concentration of actives, safe within our range but best not mixed with other brands on the same day to avoid overwhelming your skin.

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FAB Skincare
FAB Skincare FAB Skincare

Each product in our FAB range is crafted with care and precision, embodying the essence of the FAB brand. We have an incredible team right here in the UK, dedicated to ensuring every item meets our high standards; packing each product with maximum active ingredients for guaranteed results.

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Laura is fabulous at what she does and her skin care products are a defo must in your routine been using her products at home for over a year and haven't looked back I used to love Clinique but do not use it after discovering Laura's range
Have had so many compliments on my skin , have also had treatments at Laura's salon highly recommend she is the queen of skincare

I cannot recommend FAB skincare and Laura enough! I have NEVER been confident in my own skin - always had spots, then acne, then scarring etc. The skincare products have literally changed my life - giving me confidence I never in a million years thought I’d have! I cannot recommend FAB enough! 6 stars! Life changing!!!

After researching lots of LED face masks I decided on FAB’S
I’ve not been disappointed, I've only been using it a week and can already see a difference, it has 3 different colours for different treatments and the bonus of including a neck attachment. It’s great value compared to others on the market.

FAB Skincare
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